FALAK* | Echoes of Syrian Voices

In the framework of the “5th Brussels conference – Supporting the future of Syria and the region” hosted by the EU and co-chaired by the UN, Lagrange Points presents: 

With the scattering of Syrians around the world, the relationships with their cities, whether they left or decided to stay, remain fundamental and essential. Throughout the years these relationships evolved to different levels of pain and hope, between longing and loss, anger and persistence. Despite this gloomy context, to say the least, many Syrians continue to maintain and deepen their cultural ties in their journeys of hope for a better future.

Lagrange Points is tapping into these cultural ties by set up a virtual campaign with three main pillars: 

musical dialogues, Syrian cuisine storytelling , art exhibition.

*Arabic for space


Animation by: Mohammad Zaza
Sound effects: Bashar Zein

Musical Dialogues


Classical contemporary Music from Syria

New European Ensemble | the Hague - The Netherlands
Basilius Alawad | Berlin - Germany.

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Spritual Music From Syria

Spritual Music From Syria.
Khaled Alhafez, Julien Brocal, Julie Efsun | Brussels Belgium
Ilona Danho Feras Shahrestan | Stockholm -Sweden

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Indie Jazz and Rock Music from Syria.

Tanjaret Daghet | Beirut - Lebanon
Under the Surface | Tilburg - The Netherlands
So What | Damascus - Syria

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Popular Music from Syria


Ibrahim Keivo | Hanover - Germany
So What | Damascus - Syria
Hussein Atfeh | Lubeck - Germany
Ali Assad | Latakia - Syria

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Syrian Cuisine Storytelling 







EXPO and visual arts


LP presents: Kito Sino
Directed by Sherwan Haji

Kito Sino is active in various disciplines: drawing, painting, mosaic, sgraffito, stained glass, installations, metalwork, etc.Kito has lived everywhere and nowhere... He was always on the road. Since 2000 he has been living and working in Brussels, where being on the road has materialized into a train ticket. The banal train ticket became a medium for him, a mirror to his existence, his emotions, his experiences.

Directed by: Sherwan Haji.


Wall of Memories.
Director: Angela Souleiman

Mirella Younes is a drawer, painter and graphic designer from Aleppo. She studied graphic design in the faculty of fine arts, and took part in various exhibitions in Belgium.In this video, she tells us about her latest painting, 'Walls of Memories,' which she created at our venue with a very interesting and unique approach to art and its connection to the space it is exhibited in.

Directed by: 

Angela Al Souleiman


The art work of 
Dareen Abbas

Dareen Abbas is a visual artist from Syria who is currently based in Brussels.Her Work is at the border between cinematography and sculpture, and her sculptures are made with the concern of making them cinematographic.In this video, she takes us through the thinking and feeling processes behind her artworks and the creation of her "I-Automata", inspired by Hoffmann's "The Automata", a fortune-telling machine.

Directed by: Najib Mazlom


Syrian Design Archive at Lagrange Points

Kinda Ghannoum is a Syrian and Polish graphic designer coming from Damascus and who is currently based in Belgium .She is the co-founder of Syrian Design Archive. Her project collects design and typography found in Syrian Streets.The following video explains the work of Kinda Ghannoum, Sally Alassafen, and Hala Al Afsaa.

Enjoy!#syriaconf2021 #art #exhibition #design #archive #syria #painting #installation #brussels #falak #expo #typography 

Katia Aljbrail - Project Director | Feras Abo Dabboseh - Project Manager | Dima Issa Daibes - Coordinator | Wendy-Jasmine Henchich - Communication | Kito Sino - Expo Curator

Hannibal Saad - Art director | Simon S Safieh - Creative Director | Ibrahem H Melhem - Technical Director | Nareg Abajian - Music production | Youssef N Naman - Content Creation | Ammar Albeash - Video Editor | Aman Alchi - Presenter

Animation & sound effects
Mohamad Zaza - Lausanne | Bashar Zein - Bordeaux

Najib Mazloum | Hashim Ibrahem | Angela Al Souliman | Rebecca Tawk | Sherwan Haji | Louay Dabous

Visual artists
Dareen Abbas | Mirella Younes | Kinda Ghanoum 

Special thanks to:
Alessia Squarcella | Mulham Alryan | Elsa Tabet | Lina Idelbi | Abdalla Aldaher | Matthieu Lits | Benjamin Prunet | Ahmad Rumaih | Sally Alassafen | Hala Alafsaa | Rita Al Khoury | Zaher Kosaibaty