A tribute to Sarah Hegazi  and the LGBTQIA+ in diaspora. 

Reclaiming Pride month, Lagrange Points presents “AIWA!*” a one month long program dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ in the Arab world and diaspora. We are aware that discussing topics such as; gender, sexuality, queer and trans* bodies within the Arab context are at the least controversial and at the most dangerous

Through out the program, we pay tribute to Sarah Hegazi, who we lost in exile, due to the systematic institutional and social oppression that individuals who do not conform to heteronormative identities face. We choose to celebrate Sarah’s life and inspirational journey, preserve her legacy, and persevere in the struggle for social justice. Although Sarah left the physical world, we are determined to keep her spirit alive.  

Lagrange Points is co-organising the program in collaboration with Samandal and XENO-

Aywa! Is the product of a process where researchers, artists and curators, transform a narrative into an artistic expression, bringing it to the public space. 

*Awya: an Arabic slang for “oh yeah!” and/or “what the hell?” 

The Program

from 03 - to 13 JUNE

Art Expo on LGBTQA+ Muslims

The stories and artworks in this expo reveal a struggle between two worlds: the world of parents and that of LGBT’s. Trapped between hope and fear, expectations and dreams, speaking and silence, denial and acceptance, family and sexuality, God and themselves, LGBT Muslims are mostly looking for love; for someone they can call habibi – my sweetheart.

Sami Ammar is a young and upcoming Moroccan-Belgian artist and wishes to remain anonymous. (IG: samart.jpg)


Habibi - Booktalk on LGBTQ Muslims

In this booktalk writers Wim Peumans & Omar Nahas will discuss two of Wim’s books, the award-winning 'Queer Muslims in Europe' (Bloomsbury) & 'Habibi' (Uitgeverij Vrijdag). In English!

13 JUNE | 5 - 7 PM

Sarah Hegazi A Tribute

On the 13th, we mark a year without Sarah, and we would like to dedicate the entire day to her memory. A ‘reading’ of her unforgettable and inspiring writing will be presented. Videos and documentaries showcasing her activism and legacy will be screened.

Last but not least, in celebration of her life, LP will play a selected playlist of her favorite songs throughout the day. On this day, we hope to share how much she meant and still means for those who knew her or of her.

18 JUNE | 6PM

Sara Baraka Performance

The performance takes its source in childhood memories within a Franco-Algerian family and questions, through their sharing, the view of these events today. Born in France and not speaking Arabic, children of a father who was ashamed of France and of a mother who was traumatized by the first trip to Algeria, this performance manifests itself as the re-learning of a part of oneself that has been fragmented until now.
It poses the question of reconnection to a ghostly history, to our dead and our roots buried in Algeria. This performance invites the audience to witness bits and pieces of these intimate and reclaiming stories: to auscultate the narratives of the self, to look back, to retrace the path with our adult eyes, aware of the patriarchal and racist society in which we grew up.

18 JUNE | 7:30PM

“AMINE” - Movie Screening

While his father dreams to make of Amine a champion of apnea, Amine, 16 years old, practices synchronized swimming in secret.
Lost between the desire not to disapoint his father, and the desire to become what he really is, Amine must find the courage to accept his choice.

from 18 to 30 June
Samandal Collective

Starting from the 18th of June four members from Beirut based Samandal Collective: Barrack Rima, Nour Hifaoui, Lena Merhej and Joseph KaÏ will showcase and present some of their exceptional comic art at Lagrange Points.

19 JUNE | 7PM
Barrack Rima - Dans le taxi
Book presentation and signature
Alifbata 2020

Comic artist and film maker, Barrack Rima, present “Dans le taxi”, the newest graphic novel written and illustrated by Barrack. The novel explores an intimate journey aboard a collective taxi, through the streets of Tripoli (Lebanon) and the labyrinths of dreams.

19 June | 7PM
Nour Hifaoui - ‘Big Dick’
Work in progress presentation

Illustrator and comic artist based in Beirut, Lebanon. her stories usually tackle social exclusion and social relations. They revolve around bodies, sexuality, identity, minorities and human connections. Co-founder of Zeez collective and board member in Samandal comics. 'Big Dick' is a work in progress comic that explores sexuality and intimacy in bed with different partners.

25 June | 6PM

1- Queer Cinema

“The End of Time” by Akram Zaatari

The End of Time is a choreography for two lovers, enacted by three figures. It looks at the birth and the vanishing of desire as an endless chain with successive beginnings and endings.

25 June | STARTIMG 5PM
2- “Tomorrow everything will be alright”

Tomorrow Everything Will Be Alright (2010), is an epistolary conversation between two former lovers. Taking an unconventional approach to address the decade-long time lapse since the two men last communicated, the unidentified individual types on an outmoded typewriter, while the other man responds through the immediacy of today’s online chatting.

25 June

3- “Red Chewing Gum”

Red Chewing Gum is a video letter that tells a story of separation between two men, set within the context of the changing Hamra, a formerly booming commercial center. The video looks at image making in relationship to consumption and the possession of desired subjects. It examines issues of desire and power, and the attempt to capture fleeting time.


By: Jad Wadi

The street behind my apartment building shares its facing sidewalks with clustered hardware stores, coffee kiosks, and motor-cycles. Mothers hold the hands of their children during the day and men smoke hookah pipes by their shops at night. In need of electronic supplies, I once made my way to one of these stores only familiar to me by sight. Two men by the counter took their time to help me find what I needed, and, later throughout our exchange of dialogue, they asked me “Shou Esmak Lzghir?” (What is your name? -addressed to a man-).

26 June

My Revolution on my Forties Workshop by Lena Merhej

This is an art workshop to make stories with images. In this workshop, 40-year-old and above participants will make visual stories (that are difficult to tell). The theme of the stories is related to the body, to sexuality and to gender. To make a sequence of images telling each their story, participants will mix text, and/or drawings, and/or photographs, and also found material. They will use basic techniques on their phone or on paper.

Lena Merhej - Salam
Book signature and Presentation
Samandal Comics 2019

“Salam in Mareille” This comic book and risograph prints are calls to our poets who mourned the ruins of their past life and exile. It is a frantic search for peace amid the tumult of the waves that divide and drown worlds.

26 June | 6PM
Joseph Kai’
Work in progress presentation
L’intranquille (The disquiet)

L’intranquille (The disquiet) Joseph Kai’s work draws on anxiety, marginalization and sexuality, themes that he tackles in his comics using a delicate line and introspective tone. In 2010, he joined the comic collective Samandal and edited several collective and individual works, including 3000 in 2020 and Antoine by Mazen Kerbaj.
Joseph participated in numerous festivals and exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Beirut, Brussels etc. His debut graphic novel L’intranquille will be published in September 2021 by Casterman BD.

26 June | 7PM
Concert dessiné

An improvised night of drawing and music. The visuals of Barrack(a) Rima, Lena Merhej, Joseph Kai, Nour Hifaoui and Karen Keyrouz will be projected on a big screen and accompanied by live music.

27 June | 6 - 8PM
A Conversation on Queer and Palestinian Liberation

“alQaws” for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society, a civil society organization founded in grassroots activism, building queer communities and mobilizing toward reconfiguration of gender roles and allowing a space for gender diversity in political activism, civil society institutions, media, and everyday life. In a hybrid conversation amongst two cities; Haifa and Brussels, where we can be virtually together beyond borders and airports and organize a discussion on Queer Palestinian Liberation. This to provide a space to reimagine how we can bring forward innovative and creative manifestation of intersectional resistance and solidarity within a process of creating and building a Queer/Feminist transnational movement

30 June | 6 - 7PM
Me You Us
By: Sosucks

Self-taught multidisciplinary artist, he deconstructs Arabic calligraphy through the prism of painting. With his hands, he models vases. And with his body, he puts curves into movements through performances that are ‘anchored in the earth’. Let’s talk about our bodies and sexual experiences, fantasies, and all in between.. We invite you to come into our space where bodily and sexual experiences are told and illustrated in a shame free context.

Closing event

30 June | 6 - 7PM
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