Workshop, Booktalk and a Drawing Concert!

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5:00 pm
We wil start the day with a workop with Lena Merhej, "My Revolution on my Forties"This is an art workshop to make stories with images. In this workshop, 40-year-old and above participants will make visual stories (that are difficult to tell). The theme of the stories is related to the body, to sexuality and to gender. To make a sequence of images telling each their story, participants will mix text, and/or drawings, and/or photographs, and also found material.
6:00 pm
Then we will have a conversation between Lena and Joseph.Lena Merhej - Salam
Book signature and Presentation
Samandal Comics 2019“Salam in Mareille” This comic book and risograph prints are calls to our poets who mourned the ruins of their past life and exile. It is a frantic search for peace amid the tumult of the waves that divide and drown worlds.Joseph Kai’
Work in progress presentationL’intranquille (The disquiet) Joseph Kai’s work draws on anxiety, marginalization and sexuality, themes that he tackles in his comics using a delicate line and introspective tone. In 2010, he joined the comic collective Samandal and edited several collective and individual works, including 3000 in 2020 and Antoine by Mazen Kerbaj.
Concert dessinéAn improvised night of drawing and music. The visuals of Barrack(a) Rima, Lena Merhej, Joseph Kai, Nour Hifaoui and Karen Keyrouz will be projected on a big screen and accompanied by live music by @SAWT , @Kamel Badarneh
Date & Time
June 19, 2021
7:00 PM 9:00 PM Europe/Brussels

Lagrange Points Brussels

Rue des tanneurs 114
1000 Brussels
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