Shadi Zaqtan in concert

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Lagrange Points Brusels is pleased to invite you to an intimate concert with Shadi Zaqtan. 

Shadi is one of the first alternative artists in Palestine and could be the first singer/song writer guitarist , his first album “ about a country “ was released in 2008 , singing in spoken Arabic , describing and talking about daily life matters in his city , Ramallah , one of many cities with similar stories in the occupied West Bank . 


Another album followed “ singing at the check point “ , was not very far from the first album , included poems from different poets , a poem from Tunisia’s voice , al soghaier wled Ahmed , and a poem from the prisons of occupation by “yousef al khatib “ . In 2017 an album with musicians from the city of Ghent was released “ the city songs “ , a beautiful result of working between shadi and great musicians , Tomas Noel , and wouter vandenabeele Running a music pub in the old city of Ramallah made his music a part of city , and the pub an HQ to musicians and artists , and live performances an album came out of the beautiful chaos of music , rap , poetry “ circus “ was released in 2020 , a big band recording with many guest musicians and singers . 

Remaining in the underground and producing from there , many singles were also released and many co-operations were made , some local and some overseas , Shadi presents his own style as a singer or a song writer .

Featuring Shadi, we invited Palestinian Caligrafiti artist Hamza Abu Ayyash, who will give a live calligraphy performance during the show. 

Friday 16.09.2022 at LP
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يسر لاغرانج بوينتس أن تدعوكم لحضور الحفل الموسيقي الذي سيحييه الفنان شادي زقطان.

شادي زقطان: مطرب ملحن فلسطيني مواليد مخيم العروب. درس الموسيقى ومارسها في جهد شخصي وتخرج من كلية دار الكلمة – بيت لحم. يجمع شادي القادم من فلسطين بين العزف على الجيتار والتلحين والغناء وكتابة الأشعار الغنائية. رأى النور في المنفى وترعرع متنقلاً بين دمشق وبيروت وعمان وتونس. أغانيه مستوحاة من حياة الفلسطينيين اليومية وتخاطب آذن رجل الشارع العادي. يكتب شادي كلماته المغناة بالعربية الفصحى والمحكية واللهجة البدوية من قصائد شعراء فلسطينيين وعرب آخرين. أصدر ألبومه الأول "عن بلد" في 2008، والثاني "غناء على الحاجز" في 2013

يشارك شادي الفنان الخطاط حمزة أبو عياش في عرض حي أثناء الحفل.


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أهلاً بكم!

Date & Time
September 16, 2022
7:30 PM 10:00 PM Europe/Brussels

Lagrange Points Brussels

Rue des tanneurs 114
1000 Brussels
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