Performance "La première terre" & film "AMINE"

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18 JUNE | 6PM

Sara Baraka Performance

The performance takes its source in childhood memories within a Franco-Algerian family and questions, through their sharing, the view of these events today. Born in France and not speaking Arabic, children of a father who was ashamed of France and of a mother who wasz̄ traumatized by the first trip to Algeria, this performance manifests itself as the re-learning of a part of oneself that has been fragmented until now.
It poses the question of reconnection to a ghostly history, to our dead and our roots buried in Algeria. This performance invites the audience to witness bits and pieces of these intimate and reclaiming stories: to auscultate the narratives of the self, to look back, to retrace the path with our adult eyes, aware of the patriarchal and racist society in which we grew up.

18 JUNE | 7:30PM
“AMINE” - Movie Screening

While his father dreams to make of Amine a champion of apnea, Amine, 16 years old, practices synchronized swimming in secret.
Lost between the desire not to disapoint his father, and the desire to become what he really is, Amine must find the courage to accept his choice.

Date & Time
June 18, 2021
6:00 PM 6:00 PM Europe/Brussels

Lagrange Points Brussels

Rue des tanneurs 114
1000 Brussels
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