Le Coran et la femme

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Le Coran et la femme is the translation of Amina
Wadud's first book, Quran and Woman, in which she delivers pioneering work,
the founder of Western Islamic feminism, which remains all the more
relevant in the era of the "MeToo" movement. . 

From a gender perspective, it is probably one of the first commentaries on the Quran by a woman in a discipline historically dominated by men. From the point of view of the method, he develops an original approach in that he mobilizes a hermeneutic apparatus that breaks with the traditional commentaries which are of an analytical type. In substance, the book paves the way for a series of works focusing on the question of women in the Koran, and in particular, in Western societies.
Without this being its main objective, it also deconstructs a large number of stereotypes relating to Muslim women in societies.
Western cultures and demonstrates that they do not have their source in the

With Malika Hamidi: Specialist in Muslim feminism in Europe, she publishes a book based on her doctoral thesis entitled A Muslim feminism, and why not?, with a preface by Alain Gresh, in 2017 7.

She also co-wrote Islamic feminisms (La Fabrique, 2012) and contributed to several collective works.

Date & Time
February 3, 2022
7:00 PM 8:30 PM Europe/Brussels

Lagrange Points Brussels

Rue des tanneurs 114
1000 Brussels
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