Kill your Darlings

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Kill Your Darlings  is the first part of a concept album around the SerialKilleuses. A rare genre of which Bb Lona will have the pleasure of being the spokesperson for the time of a concert….Making these rather special creatures, the undeniable heroines of a world that we would like to be more gentle, loving, see fair and equitable. 

Kill Your Darlings is also a project written, composed and performed with several bodies and a few souls; Bb Lona (singer, composer and author) Mehdi Mahassine (composer, guitarist and singer) Louise Van Den Heuvel (Bass player) and Umberto Odone (drummer). 4 adopted Brussels residents from different countries and backgrounds from the Belgian jazz scene, alternative rock and performance... 

Kill Your Darlings is also a reverie on the few questions that have always plagued the Bibi, namely; love, the living and the dead and the celebration of it all! In a sometimes orgiastic delirium, because they also eat fresh and well-grilled meat during cannibalistic and phantasmagorical barbecues.

Kill your Darlings is also an invitation in the form of a musical Road Movie and a literary exhortation that comes to us from the US to get rid of our superheroes or as they say over there to Kill Your Darlings... to move the story forward and the narration (advice attributed to the late William Faulkner) Kill Your darlings is above all songs that are said to texts written Bb Lona in a poetic and colorful language with Jazz or blues sounds with sometimes a slight Bossa accent that celebrates the love leaving you with a sweet and sometimes slightly bitter taste, like Arabica coffee. Kill Your Darlings is all that and more...


Bb Lona 

Bb Lona known under the surname Barbara Mavro Thalassitis was a choreographer and dancer for many years, based in Brussels and defining herself as a protean artist, Bb Lona has been developing a very personal and poetic musical universe for several years. Alongside her activities in contemporary dance and her company Roberta DC with which she created for more than 15 years, fifteen creations in the French and Flemish community of Belgium with which she will be successively in residence at the theater of L'L, at Charleroi Danse (from 2008 to 2012), at the Brigittines and at the Balsamine. 

She will tour her choreographic pieces in Belgium and internationally. Having long been interested in the hybrid form of the cabaret, she created in 2014 with the American artist Lydia Lunch, a cabaret around the literary and musical work of the latter. From this collaboration will be born Apoca-Lipstik which she will present successively in Brussels at the Balsamine and in Paris at the Cabaret Sauvage. In addition to her activities as a choreographer, she will be a singer and author in various groups and will never stop creating musical performances around her texts in a cabaret vein, both with the Kinky Frogs , of which she was the interpreter and the author of the songs only with the review of Bi(t)ches in duet with the pianist and composer Céline Lory.  

In 2018 she co-wrote with the Scottish composer, Daniel Barbenel (Aka Mr Diagonale) the script for a musical: “Donuts”. In 2019, she also resumed a repertoire of jazz standards in a minimalist format (Guitar/voice) among others with guitarist Yvan Rother and worked on the writing and composition of a new salvo of songs on the theme of “Serial Killeuses ”, essentially in French this time. A new musical project in collaboration with composer and musician Mehdi Mahassine. At the end of 2019 She will also participate as a singer in the musical of Leos Carax and the Sparks: “Annette” with Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard. In 2020 following the cancellation of the concerts of the Kill Your Darling project, she recorded the EP of the Kill Your Darlings project. 

Bibi Lona:

Mehdi Mahassine

Mehdi Mahassine is a young instrumentalist, composer and singer from Charleroi. He followed a secondary artistic course in classical violin as well as 2 years of jazz violin with Françoise Derissen. In 2017, he created his first group, Sound Of North Elk (Sone) around his rock-psychedelic compositions accompanied by Mathieu Rosania on guitar, Laurent Van Beneden and Clément Desruelles on drums. 

Artist strongly influenced by classical music, jazz and orientilizing groups (Pink Floyd, Black mountain), he created in 2018 the project, Hypnoz, a group founded in Brussels which will be accompanied by Sébastien Peeters on drums and Edis Hennebicq on bass. . Currently guitarist and violinist in the French-speaking group “Lou'k”. During the summer of 2020, he joined the radio project, "Radio Lalinière" for a self-produced tour through Wallonia as well as "Radio Kuistax", a traveling radio project wishing to cover demonstrations and other popular gatherings in Brussels. 

Since 2020, Mehdi has participated in the "Kill Your Darlings" project as a composer and guitarist and participated in the recording of Bb Lona's EP and Album. He is also working on the creation of his new musical project, "Versatile" (mystical trans) with which he performed for the first time on July 25 at the Zinzinerie. Mehdi collaborates with dancers Lison Muller and Angélica Proietti in the creation of a choreographic piece. In addition, together, they set up the formation of an association which aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the provision of space and artistic materials.

Louise van den Heuvel

Louise van den Heuvel graduated with honors in jazz bass guitar at the Maastricht Conservatory in 2019 with bass teachers Matthias Nowak and John Goldsby. With her band Supernova she is nominated for the 2019 Henriette Hustinx Award. She also had the opportunity to be the chosen finalist to represent Maastricht at the 2019 Conservatorium Talent Awards in 's Hertogenbosch and will be featured in the Dutch Jazz Magazine 'Jazzism' . In July 2019, she also had the honor of playing at the "North Sea Jazz" festival in Rotterdam, within the Fringe Orchestra conducted by Jesse Passenier. She specializes and explores a sound by mixing technologies and effects of modern music, and applies them to her compositions, who have their roots in the modern electronic jazz scene. She has twice won the Maastricht Jazz Awards with the groups Small Medium (2017) and Dishwasher_ (2021). With the latter, she also performed on Gent Jazz 2021, Mondriaan Jazz (Den Haag), So What's Next Festival (Eindhoven) and won the BRIK Brussels Award the same year. She performs with artists like Stéphane Galland (The Gallands), Bruno Vansina and Teun Verbruggen. Umberto Odone She performs with artists like Stéphane Galland (The Gallands), Bruno Vansina and Teun Verbruggen. Umberto Odone She performs with artists like Stéphane Galland (The Gallands), Bruno Vansina and Teun Verbruggen. Umberto Odone

Umberto Odone

He moved to Belgium in September 2018, where he followed the Master's program at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Brussels. In the period of his two years of master studies, he performed at the So What's Next Festival 2019 in Eindhoven (Netherlands) with the Supernova project and he also competed in the final of the professional category of the Maastricht Jazz Awards 2019 with South Africa. bassist Ildo Nandja (John Funkhouser, ...). In June 2020, he received his Master's degree in jazz drums, studying with the much appreciated drummer Stéphane Galland (Joe Zawinul, Tigran Hamasyan, Ibrahim Maalouf, ...). In July 2021, he played at the Dinant Jazz Festival, as part of the young talent competition. Umberto has performed with: Fausto Beccalossi (Al di Meola), Rob Bruynen (WDR Big Band), Giulio Corini (Enrico Rava, John Abercrombie, ...), Stefano D'Anna (Ben Monder, Larry Grenadier, ...), Giovanni Falzone (Francesco Bearzatti, Massimo Colombo, ...), Carlo Morena (Kenny Wheeler, Paolo Fresu, ... ), Tino Tracanna (Franco D'Andrea, Dave Liebman, ...), John Surman (Dave Holland, Jack Dejohnette, ...). He has different musical projects between Italy and Belgium and he works as a drum teacher in both countries.

Date & Time
February 5, 2022
7:00 PM 8:30 PM Europe/Brussels

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Rue des tanneurs 114
1000 Brussels
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