With this blog we will connect our bookshop with the online world, through articles, short essays and testimonies. The aim is to create an online platform that represents Arab culture from a young, dynamic and open perspective.

Due to the social and political discourse in Europe, especially after the post-revolutionary instabilities, the refugee crisis and the rise of populism in Europe, Arab culture has been narrowed down to stereotypes and discredited from its human richness and artistic value.

Through this sub-project we attempt to create an online platform for intercultural dialogue, by focusing on our similarities and common heritage. As we believe that literature, music and art are universal languages that everyone can understand, these will constitute the main pillars of the blog.

We have built a team of young, creative and engaged bloggers, academics, and activists from different backgrounds, specializations, and nationalities. We will be focusing on sociology, migration, literature, music, cinema, cultural exchange, stories and poetry.

If you want to join this team, don’t hesitate to contact us!