Lagrange Points | Music, Art, Literature from the Arab world and beyond

Brussels is a unique city. It is a city where people of 182 different nationalities live, and where almost 20% of the population speaks Arabic. Living and working in such a city is an exciting adventure with wonderful encounters and enriching experiences.
But it is also a challenge to live together in so much diversity. Especially in these turbulent times. Migration and integration are hot topics in the public debate.
Despite much goodwill, the problem is increasing and becoming more complex. In this era there is, more than ever, a need for dialogue and connection.

With Lagrange Points we want to work on dialogue and connecting people. We are a group of friends who, somewhere in Brussels, in the midst of all those cultures, of all those gravitational fields, spheres of influence and orbits, want to create a place where Arab and Western cultures can meet.
A place where cultural exchange and interaction can thrive in diversity, equality and openness.