About Lagrange Points

promoting and celebrating the diversity of Arab culture's creativity and innovation

Lagrange Points (LP) promotes and celebrates the diversity of Arab culture's creativity and innovation, in Brussels, Europe  and the Arab world.

Through its network, dynamic team, and open programs, Lagrange Points brings new and unexpected voices alongside established artists, writers, activists, and reserchers, connecting audiences and communities with works of contemporary Arab visual arts, film, music, theatre, dance, literature and debates.

LP takes its name from a well-known astrophysical concept, named after the 18th-century mathematician Joseph-Louis Lagrange, whereby space bodies in a given constellation balance each other.  On a meta level, LP employs 'Art and culture' as a lever for an inclusive and representative society. In Brussels, we have created a platform for innovative artistic experiments, inspiring cooperatives, substantive conversations and shared experiences of music, cinema, literature and visual art.s, This leads to cooperation at different levels, within Brussels but also with links to Belgium, and networks between other European capitals and the Arab world and its people.

Located in the Marolles, local residents and passers-by also regularly pop in. Our focus is always on the artistic, on quality, on beauty in all its aspects. Here too we seek the balance: between offering professionals a stage and supporting new talent; between a mainstream cultural offering and artistic experimentation; between small intimate moments in Rue des Tanneurs or major events organised with partner organisations; it is a journey between coming home and exploring new horizons.

Since its establishment, LP has managed to successfuly produce a variety of activities and programs, while maintaining its conceptual independence, creating space touching upon several topics of interest to the Arab world and the diaspora experience. 

Lagrange Points is operated by a team of founding members, an artistic and leterary committee, and an active group of volunteers in a dynamic and flexible environment, along with the community that has gathered around the place, creating a sense of collective ownership and exchange, to maintain its presence in Brussels' artistic and cultural scene.

The LP team

Dima Issa Daibes

Lina Idelbi

Katia Aljbrael 

    Nadine Naffah

Feras Abo Daobseh   

Hashim Ibrahem

Sarah Kadri

Abdalla Awwad

Desiree Custers 

Abdalla Daher 

Mulham Aryan 

 Mazen Siufi

Amer Ghaddar

Ruth Schouteeten 

Nariman Alnasser  

Khaled Almohmmad

Ophélie Mercier 

Basel Addoum

Gabriel Detheux

Mohamad Hamoudeh 

Aliaa Kamal 

 Johanes Decat 

Tarek Reda

Nermin Hwaihi

Laure Stemmann 

Bader Alabed 

Artistic Commettee

Hamza Abu Ayyash
Mohammad Hammad 
Lina Idelbi 

Founding members

Dima Issa Daibes

  Katia Aljbrail

Feras Abo Dabboseh

Hannibal Saad

Lore Baeten

Hashim Ibrahem