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Literature, Music and Art from the Arab world and beyond


Lagrange Points  promotes  and celebrates the diversity of Arab culture's creativity and innovation, in Brussels, the Arab world and beyond.

Through its network, dynamic team, and open programs, Lagrange Points bringing new and unexpected voices alongside established artists, writers, activists, and reserchers, connecting audiences and communities with works of contemporary Arab visual arts, film, music, theatre, dance, literature and debates.

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A selected collection of books, comics, graphic novels, translated from-into: Arabic, English, French and Duth. 

In collaboraiton with: 
Safahat Publishers - Stokholm | Alsaqi Bookshop - London | Interforum - Paris | Epo Uitgeverij - Antwerp | Samandal, TokTok- Brussels | Alifbata, Art for ness - Marsille | Plan Bey, Dar Onboz, Snoubar - Beirut


Cafè and working space

Handmade woodwork with furniture collected from the old antique shops and flee markets of Marolles destrict. 
Selection of hot and cold drinks with different flavors from Brussels and the Arab world. 


Events venue

Music concerts, Jamsessions, Expos, book presentation, theater plays, film screening and workshops. Curated and designed by our community and art commettee. 

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Why Lagrange Points?

It is inspired from an astrophysical concept discovered by Jean-Luis Lagrange, Lagrange Points are locations in space that preserves harmony and balance caused by forces of gravity. We aim at participating in locating Arab culture in more harmony with the rest of cultures that makes the city of Brussles one of the most diverse cities in the globe.

things we do:

Previous Themes & Programs

مطبوعة . Imprimé . Gebrukt | Dec 2019

Launching of our corner dedicated to Contemporary Arab Graphic Art, consisting of a collection of graphic novels, posters and prints done by artists from Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and the diaspora. Come discover Contemporary Arab Graphic Art at Lagrange Points starting from.

FALAK | Echoes of Syrian voices | March 2019

With the scattering of Syrians around the world, the relationships with their cities, whether they left or decided to stay, remain fundamental and essential. Throughout the years these relationships evolved to different levels of pain and hope, between longing and loss, anger and persistence. Despite this gloomy context, to say the least, many Syrians continue to maintain and deepen their cultural ties in their journeys of hope for a better future.


AIWA! |  A tribute to Sarah Hegazi  and the LGBTQIA+ in diaspora | June 2020

Reclaiming Pride month, Lagrange Points presents “AIWA!*” a one month long program dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ in the Arab world and diaspora. We are aware that discussing topics such as; gender, sexuality, queer and trans* bodies within the Arab context are at the least  controversial  and at the most  dangerous


Watermelon | البطيخة | July 2020

In many ways, the red, black, green, and white of the fruit and rind—colors that match those of the Palestinian flag, tells the story of the plight and pride of the Palestinian people throughout generations, since it became a crime to raise a Palestinian flag in Palestine. 


FALAK2 | Waves of Syrian Energies |  May 2022

FALAK 2 aims to provide further spaces for Syrian voices and diverse energies, settled or displaced for diverse artistic and cultural expressions, with a focus on Syrian youth. In 2022, we strive to come together through live events, non-limited to geographies, reaching three different European cities, with an online and offline presence.


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